Directing Our Steps

Hi there! Today, I am guest-posting on my friend Heather's blog! Here is the beginning of the post: My favorite chapter in the Bible is Proverbs 16. Even though the purpose of Proverbs is to share wisdom (rather than God’s promises), it is still full of truth and hope for our lives. I especially cling... Continue Reading →


Liebster Blog Award

First, thank you to all who took my poll last week. I've read the results and appreciate the feedback I received! If you haven't taken it yet, please do! 🙂 You can take that here.  Second, thank you to Moriah from Delighting in Him for nominating me for the Liebster Award! This award was designed for bloggers... Continue Reading →

Blog Poll

Hello there! Happy Tuesday and happy August! 🙂 For this week's post, I'd love for you to take the survey below. I would really appreciate your feedback about my blog! For by wise guidance you will wage war, and in abundance of counselors there is victory (Proverbs 24:6).

Stretched to the Savior

The day I’ve dreaded my whole life is getting closer and closer. My excitement increases. But mostly, my dread increases. After spending 12 days at camp (which is the longest amount of time I’ve ever been away from home), I realized something. I am not cut out for college. It’s not simply because of the... Continue Reading →

Bouncy Curls and Meaningful Hymns, Revised

I originally published this post on March 3, 2016 ( I have revised and edited it since then. Enjoy! Supposedly, worship is more than us just singing the words of beloved songs but is us thinking about the words we’re singing. Usually, when I sit down after we’ve sung a few praise songs in church,... Continue Reading →

Sermons of Ourselves

So, this is my second attempt at a poem. I hope you enjoy it and grow from it! Here goes...   We preach ourselves to this world full of pe’ple. Our accomplishments, Awards, Achievements, And honors.   We look within, at ourselves and our actions. Never looking beside, Behind, Between, Or above.   We try... Continue Reading →

Happy 4th of July!

Hi there! I wanted to wish you all a Happy 4th of July! Walk in freedom and forgiveness on this momentous day! It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery (Galatians 5:1). Enjoy your family, food, and fireworks; and thank God... Continue Reading →

Five Ways to Have the Best VBS Ever

It’s officially summer, which means vacation Bible school for many churches (which usually means a lot of moaning, groaning, and whining from all the leaders involved). But VBS doesn’t have to be frustrating, cheesy, or challenging. By following these easy suggestions, you can make vacation Bible school go a lot smoother: If possible, help with... Continue Reading →

Tizzie’s Take: The Case for Christ

Wow! It has been forever since I've reviewed a movie. My apologies. 🙂 I just had to review The Case for Christ because of its tremendous popularity as a book and its approaching release on DVD. So let's begin! Summary: The story behind The Case for Christ is a common one for many Christians. Lee Strobel,... Continue Reading →

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