Five Practical Ways to Show Gratitude

It’s that wonderful time of year again—Thanksgiving. This is an exciting day of family togetherness, celebration, and delicious food. I can’t wait to catch up with my relatives and eat my mom’s delicious apple pie. I can almost hear the loud chatter of conversing family members and taste the sweet, gooey pie. However, one difficult... Continue Reading →


You Are Enough

It was the week after I’d taken a very challenging history exam. I waited impatiently for my professor to grade my test, and he finally did. After a torturous period of waiting, I discovered my grade. And I instantly felt disgusted, dissatisfied, and disappointed. You see, after studying for ten hours with the hope of... Continue Reading →

Getting Outside of Ourselves, Revised

I prayed a very simple prayer yesterday morning: “God, help me be friendly to someone who is lonely.” I know God gives us opportunities to give Him glory…but, usually, we make a mess of those situations. This situation was no exception. It was almost 5:00, and I thought about how I hadn’t been friendly all... Continue Reading →

The 3 Greatest Fears of Introverts

We’re going to play a little guessing game today. I’m going to describe a certain characteristic of myself, and you get to guess what it is. (*Cheers semi-enthusiastically*) Here goes… I’m a great listener. (Actually, I only appear to be a great listener. I’m honestly an awful listener, but I rarely say anything in a... Continue Reading →

Fall’s Five Favorite Finds

Hi, friends! You may have noticed the new theme and the new title of my blog: Tizzie's Tidbits of Truth. I thought this title better explained the goal of my blog: to share my thoughts about the incredible Truth of God's Word. You can read all about that truth here! In honor of these new... Continue Reading →

Dealing with Difficult Feelings

The obsessive thoughts. The consuming lies. The ever-present ache in my heart. I felt weary and distant from God. I felt weak and helpless to change my situation. I felt apathetic about my circumstances. I was struggling with difficult emotions and craving constant happiness in my life. But my craving was impossible to attain. Would... Continue Reading →

Is Our Work Good Enough for God?

Welcome, friend! I hope you are having a terrific week so far! Today, I am featuring a guest post by Aleigha Israel, who is a novel writer and a blogger at The Pen of the Writer. Her thought-provoking post is an encouragement to all of us to remember who we should be ultimately be serving... Continue Reading →

If Everything I Knew Disappeared

Hello, lovelies. 🙂 Today, I am presenting a poem about holding on to the things and people of this temporary place called earth. We all struggle to let go of things--whether these things are ungodly friends who lead us into temptation, social media accounts that consume all of our time, or a job that we... Continue Reading →

Comforting Others like God Comforts Us

Today, I am guest-posting on my friend Aleigha's blog The Pen of the Writer. She has allowed me to share about comforting others in their pain, just as God comforts us in our pain.  I’m realizing now more than ever how much heartache people endure. Lately, I’ve discovered that the people around me are constantly hurting.... Continue Reading →

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