Why Jesus is More Than the Light at the End of the Tunnel

Life is hard. I don’t have to tell you twice. You might feel the weight of that sentence every single day. You’ve likely felt the pain of a breakup, job loss, move, loss of a loved one, abuse, difficult friendship, betrayal, financial insecurity, injury or sickness, or difficult transition. You’ve likely felt lonely, depressed, frustrated, angry, irritated, worried, and scared at some point in your life. Perhaps you feel those things every single day, and maybe you can’t recall the last time you were truly happy...


The 5 Greatest Fears of Future College Students (Part Two)

Last week, we discussed three of the greatest fears of future college students. But most incoming college students have more than three fears big college fears, so I’m going to discuss a couple more today...

The 5 Greatest Fears of Future College Students (Part One)

I feel like soon-to-be college students have more than three fears. I had lots of fears about college. (But if I wrote about all of those, this post would be way too long!) I think we should focus on the top five fears that future college students have. Maybe you have some of the same fears I did...

Longing for Heaven’s Maker

“I just want to go to heaven,” I prayed through tears. “I just want to escape from these horrible feelings. When will this awful pain go away?” I prayed that prayer a several months ago during one of the hardest nights I’ve ever experienced. I wanted to be freed from the constant lies I heard... Continue Reading →

What to Remember When Exciting Events Are Plagued with Problems

Visions of cheer and happiness danced in Megan’s mind. She could see it now—the delicious homemade breakfast on the table, her little brother sitting down with a big grin on his face, and her parents standing beside each other with cheerful looks. Her first day of college would be incredible. She wouldn’t have to worry... Continue Reading →


This poem is for the insomniacs, the tired, and the weary: You’re with me in the day. You walk with me at night. Lord, even when I rest, You’re holding me so tight...

The Real Reason I’ve Never Worn a Bikini

Well, summertime is quickly approaching. People are firing up their grills, planning family vacations, and shopping for summer apparel…including bikinis. And I thought it would be fun to write about bikinis, clothes, and convictions in general. To be honest, you probably won’t find me in a bikini this year. I’ve actually never worn one. The reason includes a combination of things...

Re-Aligning Our Priorities to Pursue Godliness

Sigh. Yet again, I had to rush through my quiet time to get ready for class this morning. I felt a temporary twinge of guilt for cutting this time short. But I did nothing about it. In fact, I did it the next day and the next day and the day after that. Why do... Continue Reading →

Five Life Lessons We Can All Learn from Frozen

When I first saw the commercial for Frozen over two years ago, I was immediately turned off by it. I thought it would be a cheesy movie about a wintry land that was home to an annoying snowman, but I was dead wrong. This movie has the most insightful elements of any Disney animated film... Continue Reading →

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